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Mincer FLB Manual No. 10


This FLB Mincer No.10 is constructed from cast iron and comes with a standard sized mincing plate and mincing knife. This manual mincer is deigned for making small amounts of mince for sausages and salami. 

Directions of use:

  • Cut meat into small pieces.
  • Place cut meat into funnel and rotate the crank. The screw feeder, rotating about its axis, will push the meat towards the exit where it will be fed through the holes in the plate.
  • Catch the ground meat in a bowl or plate.

The Fabio Leonardi Bologna (FLB) was founded in 1917. They produce some of the finest tomato milling machines, meat grinders and other household or commercial kitchen appliances. All Fabio Leonardi  equipment is made in Italy.

Cast Iron Body with Carbon Plate

Knife fixed bench system