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FLB Sausage & Salami Filler Machine - 5kg capacity


Fabio Leonardi Sausage & Salami Filler Machine 5kg capacity suitable for making amounts of meat up to 30kg. 

Fabio Leonardi PROFESSIONAL RANGE - Made in Italy

  • Removable handle 
  • Piston, cylinder and rack can be easily removed for a fast efficient cleaning process
  • Durable stainless steel
  • It is able to regulate the amount of air in sausages due to the rubber disc topper and cork 
  • Features two filling speeds and four nozzles 
  • Two Surface clamps for safety 

The Fabio Leonardi Bologna (FLB) was founded in 1917. They produce some of the finest tomato milling machines, meat grinders and other household or commercial kitchen appliances. All Fabio Leonardi  equipment is made in Italy.