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Enartis Enzyme Color Plus For Red Wines - 4g


Microgranulated enzyme for red grapes maceration. Zym Color PLus is rich in secondary activities that make it highly effective in stabilizing color compounds. 

 Enzyme Color Plus is a pectolytic enzyme that is rich in secondary activities which act in accelerate and intensifying the process of extracting polyphenols (anthocyanins and tannins in particular) contained in grape skins. Specifically, the acid protease present is highly effective in hydrolyzing grape proteins which are extracted throughout fermentation, thus limiting their ability to precipitate tannins.

As a result, wines treated with COLOR PLUS are richer in tannins than wines treated with typical extraction enzymes. A greater quantity of tannins present during alcoholic fermentation enhances the condensation reactions between tannins and anthocyanins that are responsible for the formation of stable colour complexes.

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