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Viking Rye Malt - per 100g


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 Viking Rye is produced from high quality rye. The malting process does not differ much from pilsner malt production. 

Viking Rye Malt gives bready and honey flavor.

Viking Rye Malt can be used in breweries, in specialty rye beers, Rye Lager, Rye Ale. The malt gives golden colour and typical rye flavor. We recommend to keep the dosage of Rye Malt under 7% to avoid wort separation problems.

Specifications can be found here 

**Ordering must be done in 100g lots **
    ie: if you order 1 you get 100g
        if you order 5 you get 500g


NB:  Contact store for full sack pricing .Pricing per 100g