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Viking Cara Plus10 Malt - 25kg bag


Viking Cara Plus 10 malt is a light caramel malt.

Used in small quantities to provide body & clean flavour.Perfect for lighter coloured beers due to it's low colour value. 

EBC - 10-12

Viking  malts are recommended for use as a base for a chosen beer type. In combination with our special selection, any type of beer can be designed. These malts can be also used together with the right proportion of different adjuncts. Our Classic malts are high in enzymic power and pale in colour. Flavours are dominated by malty, nutty, and green notes.

Viking special malts offer brew masters a full selection of malts for designing Pils, IPA or any other brew. Typically these malts are low or nil in enzymic power. The usage rate of any specific malt depends mainly on that feature. Flavours are varied - from the cereal notes of the Munich malt, to the coffee aromas of our Chocolate malt.

Clayton Reservoir