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STAGIONELLO Curing Chamber 300KG


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A plug-in cold room/curing cabinet,for drying and seasoning cured meats.

Stagionello curing cabinets, automatically controls the temperature, humidity and the length of the five planned phases (salting, stewing, drying, recovering and seasoning) and it is complete with 65 pre-set climatic recipes, for the production of the main Italians and Foreigners traditional salami. 

  • It has a int./ext.built in stainless steel AISI 304, with Climatic Recipes
  • PLC digital control of refrigeration,ventilation,heating and humidity, smoking/flavouring.
  • Equipped with Fumotic ,device for humidification and dehumidification, with double boiler for humidifying and aromatization.

Stagionello® guarantees perfect sanitary hygiene giving an optimal product for your client  any day of the year round.

  • Voltage 400 V
  • Temperature -4°C/+40°C
  • Outside air temperature +38°C
  • Mc 9,13 mc
  • Kg in seasoning 400 Kg
  • Kg in drying 400 Kg
  • Display Touch Screen
  • Dimensions 139 x 219 x 325 H
  • Electrical data V 400/ Kw 7400
  • Touch Control YES
  • Digital control Defrosting, Drying, Recovering, Seasoning, Air recycle,Preservation
  • Volume 2 Carts in stainless steel AISI 304 - 200kg capacity 

    Product Spec Sheet

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