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STAGIONELLO Curing Chamber 100KG


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A plug in showcase cabinet for for salami drying and seasoning up to 100kg of meat.

Stagionello® is the only patented  seasoner that reproduces the ideal climate for the curing of salami. Equipped with refrigeration, heating and humidity system that allows to reach the temperature and humidity desired in  a brief time, to then be preserved  thanks to the foam density of the polyurethane used for isolation = 40 /43 kg / mc. 

Stagionello® is built entirely in stainless steel AISI 304, with Scotch Brite finishes, this particularity inside and outside, permits food compatibility. The door with inox frame and large glass window with lock and key, allows to use both in laboratory, with the possibility to monitor all the stages of transformation, in retail area as showcase for the customer. Four supporting legs, adjustable in height in stainless steel allows a perfect stability.

Stagionello® guarantees perfect sanitary hygiene giving an optimal product for your client  any day of the year round.

  • Voltage 220 V
  • Temperature -2°C/+350°C UR 30% AL99%
  • Outside air temperature +38°c
  • Kg in seasoning 100
  • Kg in drying 100
  • Display LCD 6"
  • Dimensions 78cm W x 78cm D x 211cm H
  • Electrical data 220 V +/- 10% 50Hz
  • Touch Control 
  • Volume 100 kg of fresh product 


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