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Schmitt - Fermentation Crock Pot - White


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Fermentation Crock Pots - Made in Germany!

 SCHMITT Fermentation Crocks are superior quality stoneware fermentation pots, baked and finished with a natural mud glaze. Stoneware does not absorb water and bacteria like other materials, which is essential in the fermenting process.  Schmitt crocks facilitate a gentle fermentation process where lactic acid bacteria is given optimum conditions for development allowing the biological preservation to takes its course.

Why Ferment?

Fermenting is one of the latest health food trends and for good reason - its all about your gut!

Fermented Foods such as sauerkraut help promote balance in the digestive system and act as a natural probiotic. Fermented foods have numerous health benefits, boosted energy, stronger immunity, better digestion and so much more.

* Suitable for fermenting all types of vegetables.

* Includes: lid, weighing stones, and instruction booklet

* 5 Litre pot 

* Also available in brown


NB:  Freight charges include postage and handling due to fragile nature of the item