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Paella Pan Garcima - 38cm


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Paella Pan - Carbon Steel 38cm

Authentic Spanish Paella Pans.  Garcima is the recognized world leader in authentic Spanish manufactured Paella Pans.  This beautiful pan has been made in Valenica, Spain for many centuries and we are proud to now be stocking them!

It has low side walls and 2 looped and riveted red handles.  The unmistakable classic paella pan.  Each pan comes with a double coating to ensure a longer shelf life, as well as a detailed care instructions label.

  • All high carbon pans can be used on gas and electric cookers and can also be used on open flame and charcoal grills.  Being slightly convex, paella pans are not great on flat ceramic cook tops. 
  • Paella pans do not have lids.  Paella should never be covered while cooking.
  • To season before use, it is recommended after boiling water, cleaning and oiling the pan, to put it on the heat.  After awhile take the pan off the heat and wipe the burnt oil off.  It is recommended to do this twice.  This will seal the pan nicely and turn it a dark colour.  Being made from high carbon, these pans will not rust if not dried immediately after washing.  Lightly rub with vegetable oil for storage.

Made in Spain!



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