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Home Make It Red IPA All Grain Recipe


Using the same recipe we use for our Fresh Wort Kits, the Home Make It All grain recipe kit is the perfect basis for your next brew. Using a mixture of Viking & Gladfield malts, these kits are formulated for your standard 22 litre post boil brew. 

The Red IPA contains the following grains : 

  • Pale Ale 70%
  • Munich 17%
  • Melanoidin 3%
  • Crystal 5%
  • Acidulated 3%
  • Chocolate 2%

This recipe will yield an original gravity of approx. 1054 at 70% efficiency. 

Dry hopping recommended. 

* All grains are heat sealed in food safe bags for freshness. 


 NB:  Item classified as 'heavy weight' so freight may be a little higher.

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