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Fermentation Crock Pot - 5 Litre


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This fermentation crocks provides a specialized, anaerobic fermenting environment. 

This versatile, durable glass crock lets you make of your fermented vegetables and then some—all for a third of the cost of most crocks on the market.

This crock has a capacityof up to 5 litres (176 oz.) of vegetables, brine and
seasonings, allowing you to ferment larger amounts of your favourite nutrientpacked
produce. The re-writable label makes it easy to identify each batch, and the
included recipe booklet provides directions for first-timers and inspiration for

Fermentation Information Sheet

About the product: Mortier Pilon draws inspiration from ancient traditions to create home fermentation recipes that will enrich your diet with a wealth of health benefits.

In addition to being cheap and delicious, fermented foods :

. Restore the natural balance of your gut flora;

. Stabilize gastric acidity;

. Facilitate nutrient absorption;

. Contribute to intestinal health;

. Are preserved with no loss of nutritional value;

. Stimulate the immune system.


 NB:  Freight Charges include handling and packaging due to fragile nature of the item.

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