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Davis & Waddell Enamel Paella 40cm Black


Paella is arguably Spain’s most celebrated food. Terra is our range of authentic, Spanish-made paella pans - the key to creating this legendary dish at home.

An important characteristic of a quality paella pan is its wide, low design that allows rice to cook quickly over a high heat. With this shape, rice can be spread out in a thin later – maximising contact with the cookware. Underneath, a slightly convex base allows your cooking oil to collect for sautéing initial ingredients in the middle of the pan. Another hallmark of a real paella pan is its two looped handles. 

Terra Pan can be used on any heat source excluding induction and is microwave safe. It is also perfect for baking cakes and bread.

  • Suitable for oven/gas/radiant cook tops (excluding induction/ceramic/halogen).
  • Hand wash only.
  • Made in Spain.
  • Black 
  • 40X40X6CM/Feeds 6-8
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