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Camembert Semi Hard Cheese Hoop Mould Diam-12cm x H-13.5cm


Camembert Semi Hard Cheese Hoop Mould

Having the proper cheese mould or hoop helps to form curds together to create a finished, presentable product. Moulds for general use work well for certain varieties of cheese, whereas specialized moulds are better suited for other varieties. Moulds help as they produce a more uniform and consistent product.  For Camembert, Blue Vien and Brie cheeses, choosing the right mould and matching accessories helps to get the job done correctly. After choosing the proper mould for your cheese type, line it with a cheesecloth, add curds and press them into the mould with even pressure using a follower or lid as advised by your recipe. At this point, remaining whey will be extracted from the curds as they condense. 

This mould features round hole perforation, made specifically for Camembert Cheese, however it is also suitable for other semi hard cheeses 

Diameter: 12cm x Height: 13.5cm 

Composition: Plastic 

Color: White