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Ball Deluxe Home Preserving Starter Kit


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Ball Mason Deluxe Preserving Kit for Stove Top Use


Great for beginners and people on solar, this affordable kit holds the essential tools needed to start preserving and bottling today.

The premium quality pot and preserving rack are ideal for larger batch sizes, but can also preserve small batch sizes depending on your recipe. The large pot can be used for other alternative kitchen creations, such as soups, stews and lobster.


Stainless Steel Waterbath Preserving Pot with Glass Lid – 21-quart/23 litre capacity is large enough to hold up to 7 quart (32 oz) jars and features:

- Triple layer base of thick aluminium fused between stainless steel provides even and efficient heat distribution. Compatible with all variety of stovetops.

- Silicone covered handles ensure safe, cool and easy handling.

- Tempered glass lid with steam vents ensures easy viewing.

- Preserving Rack – fits both large and small jars

- 6 Ball Pint (16 oz) Jars with Lids and Bands – ideal for preserving foods and tested for superior quality and sealing performance

- Essential Utensil Set – handle and fill hot jars, measure headspace and remove air bubbles safely and easily

If you are new to preserving, we recommend purchasing the Ball Blue Book and the Ball Sure Tight Tool along with a selection of Ball jars to complete your kit.


NB:  Freight charges include postage and handling due to fragile nature of the item


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