Wholesale & Trade

Home Make It’s recently launched Wholesale & Trade division has been launched to help supply businesses nationwide with quality, unique food and beverage making equipment – be it for the consumer or the trade user. Our broad product range has been curated to help supply every type of business, from home brew stores to breweries, from kitchenware or barware shops to restaurants. 

Food and beverage

We supply wide of range of imported and locally made production equipment, ingredients and technologies for making:

Beer Passata Sausages Ginger Beer
Spirits Olive Oil Olives Salami
Pizza Wine Coffee Sauce
Cheese Mead Biscuits Preserves
Vinegar Pasta Cider Cured Meats

Our trade section deals with:

Home Brew Nano Brewing Winemaking Equipment Vacuum Machines
Coffee Roasting Commercial Cooking Kitchen Accessories Food Equipment
Curing Cabinets Coffee Machines Catering Equipment Hospitality Equipment
Brewery Malts Slicers Coffee Grinders

The Wholesale & Trade team is made up of dedicated and driven staff, whose industry-leading experience and expertise can help you with all your requirements. Our wholesale and trade personnel is also backed by a leading support, logistics and administrative team to help support your business.


Home Brew Wholesale

View our wholesale brewing equipment & supplies here

Fabio Leonardi

View Fabio Leonardi catalogue here

Stagionello Wholesale Supplier

View Stagionello catalogue here

Grill BBQ

View our grill BBQs here

Woodfire Ovens

View our woodfire ovens here

Domestic Grill BBQ

View our domestic BBQ's, ovens & grills here

Food and Beverage Wholesale

View our food & beverage equipment wholesale supplies here

Sico Kitchenware

View our Sico Kitchenware here

Viking Malt 2017

View our Viking Malts here

Some Brands we distribute

  • flb
  • Sweet Coffee Italia
  • peva
  • essedue
  • coopers beer
  • sico

For more information

For more information, enquiries or orders please contact our Wholesale & Trade Manager:

Home Make It (Wholesale & Trade) Pty Ltd
ABN 36 324 385 967 

T + 61 3 9487 1130 
E wholesale@homemakeit.com.au

Head Office - Melbourne, Australia

96 Chifley Drive, Preston. VIC 3072

T + 61 3 9487 1130