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Alcotec Turbo Yeast Red Hot


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Alcotec Turbo Yeast Red Hot is the only Turbo Yeast to use when the air temp is above 33c and will work up to a max temp of 40c.  Many other turbo's will then overheat and produce less alcohol than expected. Makes 14% alcohol in a few days

Ensure starting liquid temp is 20c and follow the directions on the sachet.

Sachet contents is 140gms.

To make:  Mix hot and cold water to make 21 litres at 20°C. Add 6 kg of sugar, stir until completely dissolved, then add the sachet of yeast. The wash should be fermented out in in 3-4 days at 25°C, or 2-3 days at 35°C. Do not exceed 40°C.

Ingredients:  Dried yeast, yeast nutrition, vitamins.

Recommended for large scale fermentations, for example:

  • 1 sachet = 25 litre wash
  • 2 sachets = 50 litre wash
  • ​3 sachets = 75 litre wash
  • 4 sachets = 100 litre wash
  • 5 sachets = 125 litre wash
  • 6 sachets = 150 litre wash
  • 7 sachets = 175 litre wash
  • 8 sachets = 200 litre wash (max. recommended)

Price is for one sachet.


NB:  This product needs refrigeration, therefore extra postage costs have been added to this product to allow for the extra packaging.