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Cleaver HOG Salumi Curing Cabinet - 80kg+ Capacity

Each sleek cabinet is freestanding with tinted, double glazed glass door and pull-out stainless steel shelves.

The CLEAVER is equipped with heater, compressor cooling, self-evapourating de-humidification, humidifier and passive air-circulation.

Temperature, de-humidification and internal light are controlled via the LED panel.

Our Salumi Cabinets are brought to you in the spirit of CLEAVER, a little bit tough, a little bit fancy, a practical luxury; equally at home in the kitchen or the man cave. 

The ultimate CLEAVER. The HOG has plenty of space and capable of curing up to 16 legs of prosciutto. As a guide it can hold up to 12 to 16 prosciutto, and/or up to 60+ coppas, plus 30 to 100+ salami.

Height: 1805mm
Width: 595mm
Depth: 680mm
Weight: 85kg
Volume: 450L
Meat capacity: 80kg+
Humidity Range: 60% to 85%
Temperature Range: 5°C to 22°C
Shelves: Four (46cm x 53cm)

Warranty: Compressor - 3 years; Parts - 1 year