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Klapcap Coffee & Tea Capsule Filler



Use your Nespresso® coffee maker to make your infusions in a fast and easy way. Klapcap lets you equally prepare your capsules to make coffee or infusions.

It lets you choose the kind or type of coffee or infusion you want anytime. You can use your favourite brand of ground coffee and buy your infusion from your regular shop.

You can choose at what price you buy your coffee or infusions, you get to decide how much you want to save or spend. Klapcap lets you reuse your capsules. This way you don’t throw away a capsule every time you have a coffee or infusion.

Environmentally sustainable alternative to regular coffee capsules.

  • Made in Spain
  • Color: Dark Grey 
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 30cm x 9cm
  • Includes 10 reusable pods 
  • User guide included