A culinary match made in heaven...

Written by Lisa Baggio — August 7, 2014

~ Home Make It's night to remember ~

With the salami season all but over, and following on from back to back seasons with the tomato season and wine season, we wanted to thank the awesome team at Home Make It for all their hard work and sharing of knowledge and passion for everything homemade! What better way to thank them, than to share a meal together at the exquisite and historic Grossi Florentino's last Saturday. Our menu for the evening was personally selected by the revered Guy Grossi. You can only imagine the delight by staff when Guy took the time to meet the team during the dinner. Here are some highlights from the evening:-    

Frank sharing his dream with Guy Grossi about Home Make It sharing a meal at Grossi Florentino's…."I had a dream ...."

Our awesome team at Home Make It! Steve, Celeste, Carla, Ilaria, Pina and Elena.  

Our stunning menu, personally selected by Mr Grossi himself! 

It wasn't all social! It was work too! As you can see, the "wine appreciation" component of the evening was well underway!        


Here's a little sweet treat for all our foodies out there! The menu really was exquisite!           

The amazing S'FERA AL MANDARINO' - Sugar Ball, Campari Mousse, Mandarin Sorbet, Baba, Saffron Mandarin Composta

The heavenly VALRHONA CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉ - Malt Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Hazelnut Praline


~ Wine 101 ~

Due to the huge popularity of our recent Salami 101 Workshop at the stunning and historic Farm Vigano, we're back with more in our series of 101 Workshops! If you love wine, and it's on your bucket list to learn how to make it, then you'll just love the Wine 101, wine appreciation workshop series. You'll learn the basics to making homemade wine, followed by a wine appreciation and wine tasting session. The wine tasting session will be accompanied by a stunning anitpasto and cheese platter. Book early, as places are limited. Bookings can be made ONLINE or you can contact our Reservoir Store on 9460 2777 or our Clayton Store on 9574 8222.  


~ Pasta 101 ~ 

Our 101 series of workshops would not be complete without, Pasta 101 where you will experience a hands-on workshop in the art of homemade pasta, including basic pasta making, shapes and fillings. You'll then get to sit down, relax and enjoy a scrumptious pasta mista lunch and enjoy the atmosphere of Farm Vigano. Book directly ONLINE or contact one of our stores. (Reservoir 9460 2777) or Clayton (9574 8222).

~ Salami 101 ~ 

If you need some inspiration, then check out the video from our recent Salami 101 at Farm Vigano.


~ Pizzaiolo Masterclass ~ 

We are thrilled to announce that we will be running a very special Pizza Making Workshop in September which will be facilitated by the internationally renowned savoury Chef and worldwide Executive savoury Chef for Brunitti's, Michele Circhirillo. Participants will experience a hands on workshop by an authentic Italian pizzaiolo to make homemade pizza at home. Participants will also get to take home a batch of their own dough to try at home, as well as end the workshop with a pizza tasting. You can book directly ONLINE  or contact our Reservoir or Clayton store.  


~ mEAT your Sausage Makers! ~


Mr Bianco's Restaurant in Kew, together with Home Make It and Dal Zotto Wines will be holding a hands-on Sausage Making Masterclass and Dinner on the 25th August, 2014. This will be a unique dinning experience, and accompanied by wine tasting and appreciation by Dal Zotto Wines, where you will also get to meet the winemakers. Book directly ONLINE or call Mr Bianco's on 03 9853 6929.

Be sure to check out our weekly SPECIALS on the banner below.



Have a fantastic weekend!  

The time has arrived!

Written by Lisa Baggio — September 12, 2013

I hope you enjoyed watching the You Tube footage of the 2011 Darebin Backyard Harvest Festival. This is a wonderful initiative by the Darebin City Council to celebrate sustainable foods, and homegrown gardens.  

The Darebin Backyard Harvest Festival shares the knowledge, passion and skills of local families who generously invite you into their homegrown vegetable gardens. The 2013 Backyard Harvest Festival is coming up soon. There are open gardens, workshops and much more. Get behind this wonderful initiative and be inspired!
With Spring in the air, it's time to start thinking about planting your summer crops for your vegetable gardens  There is nothing more satisfying than  harvesting your own fresh vegetables that you have grown and nurtured from seedlings.There really is no comparison in taste and freshness. If you're not sure what you should be planting and when, you may enjoy this local Melbourne Blog on Spring Vegetable Gardens, called "Yummy Gardens".  Included in the blog is a really handy list and timetable of vegetables that are suitable to plant in Spring.
Free 10 Minute Consultations with Agricultural Sciences & Technology Expert
To get you started with this years crop, we are very excited to announce our new Home Make It initiative in our Reservoir Store! We have invited Francesco Varrasso from Spazi Verdi (Italian for "Green Space") to provide free 10 minute consultations on Saturday 21st September, 2013 between 10am and 1pm. So if you are looking to start up a Veggie Garden, want to improve your crop from last year or simply want to know more about when to plant, what to plant and best systems to use, then take advantage of this opportunity to gain free advice from Francesco our expert in Agricultural Sciences & Technology. Bookings are essential. Please book your free 10 minute consultation directly with Francesco on 0421 238 449 or email him on francesco.spaziverdi@gmail.com
Local project celebrating the local cultural heritage of preserving at home

Being passionate about home grown and homemade food, we are also only too happy to promote a local initiative that is currently underway that may be of real interest to you. This project shares our passion for preserving the food traditions from different cultures. We hope to see some of your stories exhibited at the 2014 Darebin Homemade Food and Wine Festival.  

"Hi, I’m Anne Thoday from Northcote. 
I’d like to invite you to be part of a creative project celebrating the local cultural heritage of making preserves at home in Darebin. As the focus of my studies at Melbourne University, I am interested in the powerful link between food and cultural memory. It’s astonishing how the smell or taste of something can remind us of the past.  
 I’m hoping that you, as someone who makes preserves, will invite me and my photographer (also a local) to your home so that we can have a conversation while we preserve together. It could take from two to four hours, depending on how long it takes to do the preserving. Our conversations will be recorded and photographs will be taken. These will form part of an exhibition to be launched during the Darebin Home Made Food and Wine Festival in May 2014. The exhibition aims to celebrate the extraordinary knowledge and skills of people in our community, especially older migrants who settled in Darebin in the ‘60s and ‘70s. It also aims to share knowledge and enhance understanding across generations and cultures. Keeping these time-honoured traditions alive is good for communities, and it may also help us ensure food supplies in the future.  All recorded conversations and photographs will be made available for participants to view before they are shown to the general public. If you would like to meet and discuss being involved in the project please contact me on:
Mobile: 0407 887 099         Email: anne@annethoday.com "


It's arrived!  The 2014 Melbourne Salami Festa is here!  Have you purchased your ticket for the Festa on Sunday 15th September? Tickets are still available on-line.  You can also purchase General Entry tickets on the day with a gold coin donation. The official count of Entries for the best homemade salami competition is 63.  That's a lot of salami!

Which homemade salami will be crowned "Best Homemade Salami"? The Judges Choice has been made. Now it's up to you to cast your vote for the best homemade salami. Come along, taste some salami, cast your vote, enjoy the gourmet food and beverages, watch a salami making demonstration, and enjoy the live entertainment.  It's going to be a massive afternoon, celebrating one of our most favorite food traditions - the beloved "Salumi". Be sure to come past our exhibition to say hello or heckle Steve and Frank during the Salami Making Demonstration :)


It's midyear already, but still so much to do!

Written by Lisa Baggio — August 1, 2013

With the wine season coming to a close, the fourth stage in the winemaking process is here. Time to "Rack Off" the wine. And just to get you in the mood, here's a great who share their Italian tradition of homemade winemaking.  Enjoy! Oh, and don't be fooled by Antonio's comments at the end that he won't be making wine any more! It's in his blood - Once you start, you never stop!  
Homemade Wine
Have you "racked off" your wine yet? This is an essential step in the winemaking process. Racking your wine is the process of syphoning the wine off the sediments (lees) into another clean secondary storage vessel. This process is done when the fermentation process has finished and is repeated (at least 2 t0 3 times) until there are no fresh lees remaining. Racking can be made easier by using a syphon hose with a racking plate to avoid disturbing the lees. You can do this by gravity or using a wine transfer pump. Here's a great article on "Racking the Wine", by The Winemaking Home Page.

Once this process is completed, your wine is ready for bottling. Bottling can also be made simpler using the Enolmatic bottle filler. Here's a simple demonstration on the Enolmatic Bottle Filler.

Our Clayton and Reservoirs stores also offer complimentary wine testing/analysis at all stages of the wine making process, so bring in a sample for testing at any time.  

Melbourne Pizza Festival  

The Melbourne Pizza Festival has come and gone! It's now heading to Sydney to showcase Sydney's top 13 Pizzerias. Italianicious Magazine attended the Closing Event last Sunday and took some great photos from the festival. Here's a couple of highlights captured by Italianicious Magazine:


You can see the full album on the Italianicious Facebook Page.   

I'm sure you recognised Home Make It's very own Frank Bovezza with Marino Maffi making pizzas and demonstrating how easy it is to use our Pizza Express “Napoli” Oven. From one extreme to another, you can also see the team from 400 Gradi using our Concrete Dome wood fired oven.
Melbourne Salami Festa                              

As our salumi hang from the rafters of our garages to complete their curing process, we are left pondering...... "Have we just made the best homemade salami in Melbourne this year?". If you've asked yourself that very question, then make sure to get your Entry Form into the 2013 Melbourne's Salami Festa.  

If you are one of Melbourne's growing Salami Army and just love the idea of homemade salami, then don't miss the Melbourne Salami Festa on Sunday 15th September, 2013 at the Northcote Town Hall. We'll let you know as soon as the tickets go on sale. It promises to be a massive celebration of our beloved salami, European tradition, culture and backyard food traditions. Enjoy the salami tastings, food, drinks, music and community celebration.   


Let the 'silly' seasons begin!

Written by Lisa Baggio — February 7, 2013


You will really enjoy this YouTube clip, by Italian Master Class, with Antonio & Maria,"How to Make Homemade Wine". A very traditional method!  Home Make It teaches both the traditional and modern ways to make homemade wine, using quality Italian Made equipment. 


With January already behind us, the busy seasons (and our silly seasons) are fast approaching! The Tomato Season has arrived and will be followed by the Wine Season commencing in March. The Wine Season will then take us through to the Sausage and Salami Seasons in June and July!

These 'seasons' are really important to the Home Make It team! They each signify European culture, and family history & tradition. They are a celebration of food and wine coming together with music, singing, children, extended families, friends, laughter and a whole lot of hard work, to produce the best homemade wine, tomato sauce/passata, sausages and salami. Family history and tradition is kept alive during these seasons and skills & knowledge are passed down from one generation to the next.  

Sadly though, we have lots of customers telling us that they wished they had learned from their parents or grandparents before they passed. But it's never too late to revive an old family tradition! Your team at Home Make It can help you to do that, with our expert advice, quality equipment & supplies, recipe sheets and workshops.

You may also be wanting to start up a new family tradition? We can help you start, whatever your age, gender or nationality!  The biggest growth we've seen in our Sausage and Salami Season are Homebrew Clubs wanting to learn the craft. Anyone can learn.           


I hope you enjoyed this week's YouTube clip as much as we did! Antonio is such a character, and his traditional methods very entertaining! If you are wanting to learn to make homemade wine, we can teach you how with our one, two or six night workshops. We also offer complimentary wine testing at all the crucial stages in the wine making process. And we will teach you both the traditional and modern ways to make wine in a safe and fun way.  

Home Make It are sponsors of the Eltham & District Winemakers Guild and the Frankston Amateur Winemakers Guild.  Both have social clubs and wine shows  and are a great way to meet other people and have some fun.  


Our manager, Frank, is now back from Italy and will be working hard to bring over some of the fantastic, new, cutting-edge products that he discovered on his travels. We can't wait to see them on our shelves!  I'll keep you posted as they start arriving.    

Don't forget to come and say hello to the team at the Preston Market this Saturday, 9th February, 2013 on the Main Stage, where we will be doing Tomato Sauce Making demonstrations.  They will commence at 10.30am and 1.30pm.  

If you are wanting to revive an old family tradition, start up a new one, or simply learn more modern techniques, then head over to our website to check out details for our Food and Beverage Workshops.  

For daily updates on courses, events, competitions & specials, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Looking forward to bringing you more news  from the Home Make It team.     

Enjoy the rest of the week ;)