Recipe: Steve's Czech Style Pilsner

Written by Lisa Baggio — August 17, 2013

Steve’s Czech Style Pilsner


4.5kg Pilsener Malt
100gm Crystal Malt

HOPS (Mount hood or Sterling will work for this recipe too)
70gm Saaz (60 min)
14gm Saaz (10 min)
14gm Saaz (End of boil)

1 tsp Irish Moss (10 min)

White Labs WLP800 Pilsener Yeast (Wyeast pilsener yeast also suitable)

1.       Mill the grains that you are going to use in to a bucket.

2.       Place false bottom in the base of the pot.

3.       Get 14L of water up to 68 degrees Celsius.

4.       Line nylon bag in pot.

5.       Slowly add milled grain into bag, mix grain while adding so dough balls don’t form. Once added bag can be tied up.

6.       Temperature of water will drop couple of degrees.

7.       Once grain is in, keep temperature of pot around the 66 degrees by putting a blanket or cover around the pot for 60 minutes.

8.      After this time raise temperature of brew to 76 degrees and stir brew.

9.       Once 76 degrees has been reached then bag of grains can be lifted out and allowed to drain in colander and bucket. The juice collected here can be    added to liquid left in your pot.                            

10.   Now get the brew to a boil and kept at a boil for 60 minutes.

11.    At The start of the boil add 70gm of Saaz’s hop to the hop bag.

12.    10 mins before the end of the boil add another 10gm of Saaz’s hop to the hop bag and add your whirlfloc tablet as well (if using a coil wort chiller put this in the brew as well).

13.    At the end of the boil add another 10g of Cluster Hop to the hop bag.

14.    After the boil the wort needs to be chilled down to 25 degrees. If using a wort chiller use that now until temperature drops to 25 degrees.

15.     If a wort chiller is not available then place pot in bucket of ice to chill to same temperature;

16.    Once temperature is achieved yeast can be added.

17.    Ferment beer at desired temperature for 10 days.

18.   Test Specific Gravity of beer. Once 1010 has been achieved, the beer can be bottled or kegged. Enjoy!  


It must be close to beer o'clock

Written by Frank Bovezza — July 11, 2013

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